Why do I get a sore throat in the morning?

Dry mouth, sore throat

A dry mouth, dry or sore throat almost every morning may be a sign of snoring. If you have a bed partner, this may come as no surprise to them! 

Mouth breathing can make your mouth and throat dry, but the vibration from snoring can cause vibrational soreness too.

This same vibration damages nerves in the throat affecting its ability to protect itself during airway compromise – so that snoring worsens as it becomes a vicious cycle.

Bad breathe due to drying is not uncommon too (hence my suggestion to review the product below). Dry mouth may be experienced with other airflow issues associated with the management of OSA and snoring too. Let me know how you get on with them.

There may be various other options. See what works for you. While you want something that soothes and coats the airways surfaces to prevent dryness and soreness, you don’t want to affect stickiness of the surfaces. Sometimes sipping water may play the same role, its really a matter of trial and error. This may still occur after ‘treatment’ as dry mouth (or nose) may be associated with both CPAP and oral appliances. CPAP may use a humidifier which may help. See how you get on. If in doubt – ask.


(I believe that you can get a free sample) – I would recommend as a stop gap until any sleep disordered breathing problems are resolved.

An ideal and simple treatment for dry mouth

Please be aware that while this is a common cause of sore throat, it makes sense to have it checked out by your health care professional.

At least they can confirm what you think and make suggestions how to resolve your snoring, alternatively they can check your throat for any other issues that need to be followed up on.

Using this product may help greatly, but you should always move toward the cure rather than the management – this may not always be possible, so as this is a useful and well used product – it helps you – keep using it.

Good sleep is crucial to good health and longevity.

Dr. Stephen Bray 2019

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