Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep important, right?

If so – why do so many people including, doctors, dentists, healthcare systems, governments, workplace safety, driver’s registration and transportation departments, commercial drivers, parents, factories, hospitals, care homes not seem to recognize it?

How important is sleep anyway, why do we sleep, what happens when we sleep, what happens when we don’t sleep, how can we sleep better?

How about you and your loved ones? Do you ever wish you slept better, do you ever wish they slept better?

Sleep is necessary for wellness. It’s necessary for you health now and for your future health too. It helps your immune system and your body’s maintenance. It affects how you age both in body and in brain health, how long you’ll live and the quality of your life on a day to day basis.

It affects our children’s growth and development, their smiles, their face, their jaws and posture. It affects their behaviour, their mental and social development and ultimately, therefore, their futures. It affects our mood and our (as well as other’s) safety too.

So, do you have any questions or concerns about your sleep? Would you like to sleep better? Is it good enough to keep you healthy in the future? The need for good sleep is fundamental, but like so many things these days, who has the time?

This is a critical aspect in our lives and we’ve got some catching up to do.

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