Dr. Jack DeGruchy

Dr. Jack DeGruchy. DDS.

After many years of practicing general dentistry, I have seen many new treatment modalities arrive to the practice of dentistry.

In the early days of practice it was pretty much fillings, extractions and dentures and usually extraction of four bicuspid teeth to make it easier to line up front teeth orthodontically.

There were no hygienists in the practice and once we began with hygiene and a preventive approach to dental care we saw a large decrease in the amount of rampant decay and extractions.

As a national director of general dentistry I began to travel to different countries and observe what their approach was to the practice of dentistry.  One of the more notable discoveries was Sweden’s approach to orthodontics

A number of dentists would collaborate in the schools especially around the grade four age and they were picking up on development of the teeth and jaw in relation to facial profile, they would then intervene and take an active 

Approach to expanding the arches to make more room for the teeth as they were erupting.  They then followed these children and around grade seven if they needed slight improvement to the alignment then they would put on braces.

I felt there was some genius to this as I believe this made for more beautiful faces, healthier jaw joints and improved breathing for the child for the rest of their life.  Today, all dentistry is increasingly being driven by proper development

Before many of the other treatments dealing with the aesthetics, function and biology of the patient are being evaluated first by looking at the airway and the importance of sleep.

I was so pleased to have Dr. Bray join our sleep and imaging centre as his vast experience and genuine desire to help and care for the patient is exemplary.

When he was practicing in London people came from Europe to see him, when he was in Harvard people came from around the states to see him and so the Okanagan is blessed to have him right here in the Okanagan.

Sleep is increasingly becoming known to be one of the most important aspects of longevity and so we are prepared to look after sleep issues right from the newborn to the teenager, shift worker, stressed mom or executive  and compromised senior.

So, at our Dental Sleep Centre we welcome everyone to discuss their sleep issues and whether it be improved sleep hygiene or active oral  appliance or CPAP treatment we are there to serve you.

If you have a problem, we have a solution –